POLICE have asked the public to be smarter about when and why they call 999 after they revealed a list of bizarre things they have received calls about.

On Facebook, West Mercia Police wrote that they had received questions including:

“I need the telephone number for my solicitor”

“Have you got the time? My watch has stopped”

“My neighbour has parked on the pavement”

“My neighbours chickens are in my garden”

The force reminded the public that 999 is only for emergencies such as a risk to life or threat of harm, when there is a crime in progress or when there are offenders nearby.

Each year West Mercia Police deals with thousands of calls, and the force urged members of the public to think carefully before calling them.

Non emergency situations can be dealt with by calling 101, where the caller will be connected to local police.

The post advised members of the public to visit the West Mercia Police website for advice on which number to call and when.

Anyone looking for the right police number to call can go online to www.westmercia.police.uk/article/2325/Contact-us