THERE is light at the end of the tunnel for Rubery Residnets who have been forced to use an unsafe subway.

The Advertiser reported that people were having to use the main subway from Callowbrook Lane to Rubery High Street without working lights.

The main thoroughfare is used constantly by people but the majority of lights have been off for a number of weeks.

Bromsgrove councillor Peter McDonald said the reason given by Worcestershire County Council is that the fittings are obsolete.

The cllr said: "This is sheer incompetence by the county council. They would have known long ago the fittings were becoming obsolete and should have planned for their replacement, not leaving people in the dark.

"The subway is now not safe to use at night because of the incompetence of the council.

"To treat the residents of Rubery in such away shows their complete contempt for those who have little choice but to use the subway not knowing who they meet in the dark."

The Advertiser can reveal that the county council has now arranged for long-term appropriate lighting to be installed.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said: “We’re aware of ongoing issues with the lighting in this area of Rubery and apologise for any inconvenience to residents. We have been exploring all possible solutions for this and we can now confirm we have arranged for long-term appropriate lighting to be installed.

"This should be completed shortly and we will update in due course.”