A MAJORITY of people believe the railways would be better value for money if they were publicly owned, a new study suggests.

Just over half of 1,000 people surveyed said the railways should be run in the public sector, with only one in five supporting privatisation.

Campaign group We Own It, which is dedicated to ending private ownership of public services, said its study showed that almost half of people believed fares would be cheaper under public ownership.

Ellen Lees, campaigns officer at We Own It, said: "Private rail companies have been lobbying hard for more private involvement and increased competition on our railways.

"This new poll shows just how out of touch the rail industry is. The public doesn't want more competition, they want a railway they can trust, with cheaper fares that provide good value for money.

"This is only possible if the railway is brought into public hands. After endless delays, cancellations and crowded trains, people are sick and tired of privatisation."

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