A MEETING focusing on the effect Brexit could have on the National Health Service is being held in the centre of Bromsgrove this weekend.

The Brexit 'clinic' will take place in the High Street from 10am-12noon on Saturday (July 6).

Pro-Remain campaigners from ‘Bromsgrove for EU’ and ‘Worcestershire for Europe’ will be discussing the impact a 'No Deal Brexit' could have on the NHS.

Healthcare professionals and activists present will be led by neurologist Dr David Nicholl, who whistleblew to the BBC over No Deal plans in April.

He said: “I became increasingly anxious over the plans for No Deal when I was having to make difficult decisions about which drugs should be flown rather than ferried in.

"I was one of only two neurologists in the country who had access to this data, which is why I spoke out publicly, as there was a clear risk to patient safety.

"Nothing has changed, and it is interesting to note in the leadership debate, Sajid Javid MP highlighted that we had not prepared properly for No Deal, yet we now know that there may well be additional problems in October, for example with flu vaccination supplies, which cannot be stockpiled."

Campaigners will answer questions from the public on the effect Brexit will have for the NHS in terms of patient care, access to pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and research.

For further details on the meeting, email worcestershireforeurope@gmail.com.