A COMMUNITY garden is set to be created as part of Catshill in Bloom.

Using Bromsgrove District land in Bracken Grove, which was previously closed off because of anti-social behaviour, plants, fruit and vegetables will hopefully flourish there.

It is a joint effort between ward members councillors Shirley Webb and Jo Till, Chadsgrove School, and 6th Bromsgrove scouts, and will be maintained by the latter two.

The council’s Place Team has also cleared the planters outside the Spar shop and worked with children from Chadsgrove School to put in plants and decorative bark.

District Cllr Webb used her divisional funds, which she receives as a county councillor, to buy hanging baskets from Singletons nurseries who offered a discount, and it provided the planters too in Gibb Lane, Golden Cross Lane, and Birmingham Road.

These will be maintained and watered by the scouts, pupils and local residents.

Businesses who have hanging baskets outside their premises will be responsible for keeping them blooming.

Chadsgrove School also intends, with the landlord’s permission, to make a small community garden on land by the pharmacy.

District Cllr Webb said: “This really has been a community effort and we could not have achieved this without support from local businesses, the scouts, Chadsgrove, the council and our wonderful residents.

“Catshill has always been a close-knit community and now it is full of colour and gardens which will benefit everyone.”

Catshill aims to enter the Heart of England in Bloom Awards next year.