MADAM - I write regarding the recent Bromsgrove District Council debate on a road to distribute traffic around the west of Bromsgrove and avoid further congestion in the town centre (Western Distributor Road).

It is encouraging that Worcestershire County Council and Bromsgrove District Council are at last undertaking a Strategic Transport Assessment to identify the infrastructure necessary to deliver the growth and regeneration identified in the District Plan. Clearly the evidence to make a final decision on the Western Distributor Road will be available soon.

When making the case for investment in a new road it is usual to anticipate growth and regeneration 30 years beyond its opening date. During the next 20 years the Bromsgrove District Plan tells residents to expect the delivery of 1,800 homes at Whitford Road and Perryfields, 2,300 homes to be allocated in the current Green Belt Review plus a further 3,680 homes before 2040. More homes can be expected too in the years 2040 to 2050.

Put simply our decision makers face the daunting task of ensuring the right infrastructure is in place to protect against the economic, environmental and social costs of increased congestion arising from an additional 18,000 or so cars on our roads while ensuring they are comfortable with the legacy to be left for future generations.

With the number of households across the district set to grow by 30% the case for a Western Distributor Road is compelling.

John Gerner

Transport Spokesman

Whitford Vale Voice