WORK on bringing the newest, fastest and most reliable 'future-proof' fibre broadband to Bromsgrove is set to begin within the next three months.

Bromsgrove has been announced as one of 36 towns and cities where Openreach – which runs the UK’s digital network – is installing its FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) Fibre First programme.

Work will start on building two telephone exchanges – one in Bromsgrove, the other in Hillside – before the end of October.

Clive Selley, chief executive officer of Openreach, said: “This announcement clearly demonstrates that we are pressing ahead with our investment in our multi-billion pound Fibre First programme and remain on course to hit our target of four million premises by March 2021.

“But we want to go further and do it faster – to 15m by the mid-2020s and beyond, if the conditions are right.

“I’m certain that prioritising investment in faster, more reliable and future-proof broadband networks will prove to be a no-regrets decision that will bring social and economic benefits for future generations.”

Who are Openreach?

Openreach – a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group – is the company responsible for the UK’s broadband connections.

They connect homes, mobile phone masts, schools, shops, banks, hospitals, libraries, broadcasters, governments and businesses – large and small – to the world.

Their customers are the hundreds of communications providers who sell phone and broadband services to homes and businesses.

What is FTTP - and what makes it so special?

There are three main ways Openreach connect you to broadband.

ADSL is the most basic, using a copper phone line connected to the exchange.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connects powerful fibre optic cable to the cabinet, then copper wires to your home or business.

But Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) involves pure fibre optic cables that connect you straight to the exchange, hence improving the speed of connection.

That means there is no 'go-slow' with FTTP - it is speedier, performs better and suffers fewer drop-outs.