FED-UP firms in a busy Bromsgrove high street are kicking up a stink – after losing customers due to the stench of bin juice leaking into the road from garbage trucks.

Businesses in Worcester Road say the rotting rubbish has caused an off-putting odour for the past two Thursday collection days.

Dave Roberson, of Grass Roots Men’s Hair barbers, said his customers had complained about the smell and added he was worried it is becoming a recurring problem.

Bromsgrove District Council admitted it had received complaints and urged firms and residents to ensure garbage bags were tightly wrapped due to the mechanical method of collection.

Mr Roberson said: “All I know is that when the [bin] lorry stops outside my shop, it’s literally pouring out the bottom. All into the road and it stinks until it dries up.

“It’s making the Worcester Road grim every Thursday. I’m not sure if it’s the commercial rubbish or residential though. The lorry just pours bin juice out up the road.

“Last week, when temperatures were at a record high, it was much worse as well. The smell is repugnant and it is affecting my business. Customers have refused to get their hair cut.

“Customers have complained of the smell and obviously with the heat it’s not suitable to have the door shut all day.”

One customer, Michael Leech, tweeted: “I’m there at the moment and it is horrendous!”

A worker from the nearby Gingers Hair and Beauty Salon confirmed they had noticed the pong,

She said: “There was a horrible smell last week and it’s back again. Quite a few people have mentioned it. The road just smells like bins.”

The worker suggested a bin bag from another company’s premises had split in the road to cause the smell the previous week.

Mr Roberson, meanwhile, said he had contacted the council’s environmental services team on the advice of BDC’s Twitter feed but had been told no one was available to clean up the mess.

A council spokesperson disputed that allegation and recommended that complainants should get in touch with environmental services should the situation arise again.

The spokesperson added: “If people have not bagged their waste properly, the mechanics of the lorry can drop it.

“We have advised the gentleman in this case to contact the Environmental Services Team who can go and clean up the mess and talk to the crews.

“We urge all residents and businesses to bag up their rubbish tightly to prevent spillage when it is being collected.”