A RARE orchid has been spotted by a keen naturalist deep in county woodland.

Glen Dipple, 68, from Worcester, came across the plant while on one of his outdoor walks through the countryside near Himbleton.

Mr Dipple said: “I’ve been interested in wild orchids for many years.

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“This one is rare, I believe, one of only three violet helleborine var rosea reported this year in the whole of Great Britain.

“People often trample on orchids not knowing what they are and it really peeves me.”

Mike Gasson from the Hardy Orchid Society, said: “All orchids are rare and this one is not very common at all.

“The one everyone tries to find is the Ghost Orchid and that really is a rare find indeed.”

There are around 50 species of orchid in the country.

The land is private and the orchid is no longer there as it has finished flowering.

Mr Dipple was given a permit to access the land.