BOSSES at Bromsgrove's Artrix have pleaded with the public to support the venue, after controversial car parking charges have come into force.

Heart of Worcestershire (HoW) College, which owns the car park, recently made the decision to start charging.

The charges, up to £5, are until 7pm each day and can only be paid for by a phone app.

People who do not comply will face a fine of £100.

Since the unpopular announcement the Artrix team has fielded a huge number of enquiries.

Angela Galvin, director of Artrix, said: "We have always said that we understand HoW seeing the car park as an income generating opportunity - as people have said, parking charges are now 'a fact of life'.

"We were as surprised as everyone else to learn that payment can only be made by phone app. No cash. No cards. No ticket machines.

"We are in agreement with our customers that a pay by phone system as the only option is not suitable or accessible for everyone. Unfortunately this situation is out of our control."

She added: "We have worked very hard over the past year to build up our day-time programme to serve the local community and generate much needed income since our council funding was cut.

"We would be devastated if this effort is undermined by people who feel the car park charges will put them off using Artrix.

"To those who have posted 'RIP Artrix' in response to the news, we'd say thanks for your concern but there's life in us yet!

"The best way to show you care about our good health is to continue supporting this unique community asset.

"We believe our programme of events is good enough to keep drawing in the crowds and hope that those who feel so passionately about the parking changes will continue to support Artrix and keep the arts alive in Bromsgrove."