ALONGSIDE my colleagues in Cabinet, I have been working hard to change our country for the better, writes Bromsgrove MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid in his Letter From Westminster.

In the House of Commons last week, I set out the government’s spending plans for the year ahead.

A new economic era needs a new economic plan, which is why I’ve chosen to invest in the priorities of the British people - turning the page on a decade of recovery towards a decade of renewal.

That means significant investment into our public services, whilst ensuring that every pound of taxpayer’s money is spent wisely by maintaining the government’s existing fiscal rules.

The spending round will support our schools, starting with an additional £2.6bn next year and increasing minimum per-pupil funding nationwide.

It delivers on our commitment to provide a £33.9bn cash increase for our NHS.

It will see the recruitment of 20,000 extra police officers, giving the police the resources they need and ensuring that districts like Bromsgrove have enough bobbies on the beat.

It’s an agenda that I’m confident will resonate with people across the country – after all, it’s many of the same issues that I’ve been championing in our local community for years.

Please remember that whether it’s through seeing me at a local surgery or sending me a letter or email, I’m always ready to take on your concerns.