Junior football clubs have been warned about a banned referee on the sex offenders register who keeps offering to run games.

The unidentified person is understood to have been contacting clubs in the Midlands who have asked for a referee through social media.

Previously a registered referee, the individual is thought to have tried to trick other clubs in letting them officiate matches.

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In a statement on North Staffordshire Junior Youth League and Staffs Ladsanddads Facebook page, Jan Scott, said: "It has been brought to our attention that a person banned from all football after recently being added to the sex offenders register has moved into a neighbouring county."

Mr Scott, the Safeguarding Officer at the Staffordshire FA, added: "Could I please ask that all team officials be made aware that requesting referees through these platforms can increase risk and that before appointing any referee they should check that the referee has been registered for that season with a county FA.

"If they have not been registered for that season you can not be sure that the individual is fully compliant and qualified to be involved in youth football. This could increase safeguarding risks to all concerned."

The Staffordshire FA say there is no evidence the person has attempted to officiate in their county, but warns clubs to be vigilant.

Commenting on the post, Madeley White Star FC, a club from Crewe, said: "There are so many vile people out there."