RESIDENTS in a retirement settlement in Hanbury are currently trapped in their homes after the area was swamped by heavy downpours.

Residents of Courts Close bungalows in Hanbury have been unable to leave the close because of a telegraph pole that come down on Sunday.

The pole is blocking the way in and out meaning many of the people living there have been unable to leave.

One resident, Peggy Vinall, said there are a lot of elderly people living in the close including one in a mobility scooter, and a 95-year-old.

"People can't get out, they are trapped," she said.

"It also means we can't receive deliveries and people can't come in - what happens if we need an ambulance?"

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

A worker from BT came on Sunday afternoon and cut the cables attached to the pole but was unable to say when the actual pole would be moved.

Peggy added: "Because the cables had to be cut, we have no internet access, TV, or phone lines. We have to rely on our mobiles and the signal is not very good here.

"We feel like we're all cut off, and have been forgotten about."


A spokesman from Openreach Told the Advertiser that the pole has been cut up and a new pole is on its way and it is hoped to get the repair sorted in the next couple of days.