BORED of Brexit? Thinking 'God help us' every time you hear it mentioned?

Well, according to church leaders in Bromsgrove, you might be right - and, you'll be pleased to know, 'sanctuary' awaits.

That's because one Bromsgrove church is offering a daily respite from the 'worries and anxieties' of if and when we leave the European Union, with or without a 'deal'.

So swap the Chancellor for a chancel, the Prime Minister for a, er, minister, and prorogues for prayers with St John the Baptist Church's @1 initiative.

Revd David Ford, team rector of Bromsgrove, explained: “Churches have always offered their local communities safe space – or sanctuary - in which to simply 'be', pray or talk about what is uppermost in their minds.

"Whatever your own views on BREXIT, this is a difficult time of uncertainty.

"We hope that by fulfilling the churches traditional role of offering sanctuary, a safe space, our communities can find the peace and the courage we need for whatever lies ahead.”

Every day there will be a 'listener' on hand who will sit with residents, listen to their concerns and offer them to God.

The service will begin on Thursday, October 17, the day of the European Council meeting, and continue until - well, judging, on past Brexit history, God knows.

Sorry, excuse us, the church, based on Kidderminster Road in the town centre, says it will continue 'at least until November 1'.

As the title of the initiative implies, it begins at 1pm each day.

Intriguingly, the church have not said when it ends - does that imply it's up to you how long you REMAIN and when you LEAVE?