A WHISTLE-BLOWING doctor who confronted Government chiefs over 'no-deal Brexit' plans is hoping to become Bromsgrove's next MP.

Dr David Nicholl, a consultant neurologist from Hagley, has been selected as the Bromsgrove prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

He spoke out about the Government's Brexit proposals earlier this year, contacting BBC Newsnight with concerns about the inability to stockpile medicines in the event of no-deal Brexit.

Dr Nicholl said: “I put my career on the line, to highlight the very real risks to patient safety from a chaotic No Deal Brexit.

"I took on the leader of the House, Jacob-Rees Mogg, who was rattled by my questioning what the mortality rate would be.

"These are very serious questions which have failed to be addressed by the dishonest Tory government, whose prorogation of Parliament was found unlawful by the Supreme Court.

"It would be an honour to serve the constituents of Bromsgrove as their Lib Dem MP.

"We have wasted three years due to the illegal and dishonest actions of this government, who were prepared to even mislead the Queen.

“The Lib Dems are the ONLY party that provide a positive way forward for the country with the ability to save the Union, as opposed to the dishonesty of the Tories and the equivocation of Labour. "Anyone who argues for a no harm no deal Brexit is speaking untruths, and I should know, I helped draft Yellowhammer [the Government's contingency plan for leaving the European Union] and spoke out as I realised patients would be harmed.

"I’m calling for all of those who want to help pull this country out of the mess that Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid have caused, to vote for me at the next election.”