A 'WALKING sports hub' is set to give older people in Bromsgrove the chance to keep fit and 'change the face of sport in the district'.

Fairfield resident Alan Gormley has been so delighted with the success of the walking hockey programme he has set up at Bromsgrove Cricket, Hockey and Tennis Club that he is expanding it to other sports.

Alan has already launched a new walking football session and added an extra walking hockey session with plans to extend this further across a range of sports.

Bromsgrove District Council are supporting the initiative as part of the Active Ageing Project and have donated some equipment for the sessions including footballs and sports bibs.

Alan said: “I am passionate about increasing participation in sport.

"The opportunity for our older residents to play team sports has, in the past, been limited.

"Now, with the advent of walking sports we have a fantastic opportunity to get our community mobile again.

"The social, physical and mental benefits of walking sports are amazing.

“Our motto is “Fun, Friendship & Fitness” and our feedback says that this is exactly what people are experiencing.

"I’m very optimistic that our venture will change the face of sport in the district and I am so grateful to Bromsgrove Council for their support.

"The Active Ageing Project is perfectly matched to our Walking Sports Centre programme.”

Cllr Philip Thomas, whose portfolio covers Leisure and Cultural Services, said: “We are very proud to be supporting Alan and the Active Ageing Project.

"I hope the introduction of these sessions will encourage more of our residents to take up sporting activities and see the health and social benefits associated with them.”

For more information about the sessions, email Alan Gormley at alan@sport-edge.co.uk.

The walking football sessions will run every Tuesday at 10.30-11.30am from October 22.

The additional hockey sessions will run every Thursday at 10.30-11.30am from October 24.

Participants can try one session for free and then £4 pay as they go after that.