CONSERVATIVE candidate Kyle Daisley claimed the vacant Bromsgrove South seat on Worcestershire County Council as Labour lost almost a third of their vote from 2017.

Daisley (769) earned more than twice as many votes as Labour rival Bren Henderson (351), who finished in a distant fourth place in the by-election held on Thursday night (October 31).

The seat had been vacated by longstanding Labour councillor Chris Bloore, who last month revealed he was leaving the country to move to Canada.

Two years ago, Mr Bloore triumphed with 1,263 votes, which equated to more than half of the votes cast. The Tories' Claire Jones finished second with 1,013.

The turnout was lower on this occasion but saw Labour lose more than 900 votes with Henderson recording just 18.3% of the vote - a drop of 32.2% from 2017.

Newly-elected Councillor Daisley's closest challenger was independent candidate Rachel Jenkins with 436 votes, while the Liberal Democrats' Josh Robinson was third with 357.

At 23, Daisley, a flight attendant, will be one of the youngest councillors sitting on the county council.

Full results:

CON (Daisley): 769 40.2% (-0.3)

IND (Jenkins): 436 22.8% (+22.8)

LDEM (Robinson): 357 18.7% (+13.7)

LAB (Henderson): 351 18.3% (-32.2)

Conservative GAIN from Labour.