A BEST-SELLING author from Bromsgrove has written a new dark and twisted psychological thriller set in Worcestershire and inspired by her own experience.

Former BBC producer Sue Watson's latest book The Empty Nest tells the story of a woman whose daughter is away at university, and mysteriously disappears in the first term.

The author, whose two previous novels hit the top of the best-sellers’ lists in both the UK and the USA, says this latest novel was inspired by her own daughter leaving home to go to university.

"I thought, ‘how crazy is this?’ said Sue, who lives on Bromsgrove’s Oakalls estate.

"We’ve nurtured and protected our child all her life, and at the age of 18 we’re driving her to another city, moving her into a house full of strangers, and just leaving her there.

"I remember driving home after saying goodbye and felt like I’d left one of my limbs behind.

"Thankfully, my daughter loves university life,’ Sue continued, "but the whole experience made me think about children leaving home, the potential fears and the empty nest they leave behind?

"What if there is potential for danger, both outside and inside that nest?"

Sue chose to set the novel in Worcester because she says she loves the city.

"I’ve set previous novels here, it has so much for the writer, along with the history, there’s the river, the Cathedral, the university and the wonderful mix of people," she said.

"I wanted this story to start here, and end here, but I won’t say any more - no spoilers."

The Empty Nest, published by Bookouture/Hachette, is available to buy as a paperback or ebook on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes.