BONFIRES will be lit and fireworks let off in Bromsgrove tonight to mark one of the most infamous incidents in British history – but did you know the part the town played in the Gunpowder Plot?

London and, more specifically, the Houses of Parliament, were of course the targets of Guy Fawkes and co as they planned their dastardly deed more than 400 years ago.

But many of the conspirators had links to the Midlands, including right here in Bromsgrove where they met up just TWO DAYS before attempting to blow up Parliament.

One of Fawkes’ leading co-conspirators was Robert Wintour, son-in-law of John Talbot, who owned Grafton Manor in Dodford – which is now a country house hotel, restaurant and wedding venue.

And on November 3, 1605, Wintour and other conspirators met up at Grafton Manor – with the venue later searched for evidence after the plot was foiled.

Wintour, who was married to Talbot’s daughter Gertrude, was captured along with the other conspirators and executed.

While suspicion also fell on Talbot – and Grafton was stripped of its furniture among other indignities – he was eventually declared innocent of aiding the conspirators but died in 1611.

Grafton remained within the Talbot family until 1934 when it was sold to Alfred Murray-Willis.