CONSERVATIVE Candidate for Bromsgrove and Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has officially launched his campaign to be re-elected as Bromsgrove’s local MP.

At a packed-out meeting in Upton Warren Sajid told local Conservative activists that during the course of his lifetime, there had never been a General Election where the stakes had been higher for the future of the community – or for the country.

Sajid spent the remainder of the day, last Friday, hosting one of his regular street surgeries in Bromsgrove High Street, and speaking with small business owners in Rubery.

Speaking about the upcoming election, Sajid said: “Over the past nine years, I’ve had the opportunity to stand up for one of the most hardworking, kind-hearted communities that our country has to offer. It’s been the greatest privilege of my career.

“This Christmas, I’m standing to represent you once more. I’m standing because in my lifetime, there has never been a General Election where the stakes have been higher for the future of our community – or for our country.

“Corbyn and the Liberal Democrats have spent three years blocking every option on the table, leaving Parliament in a state of paralysis and stagnation. This has meant that the real issues that make a difference to residents’ lives – issues like feeling safe when walking home, tackling traffic congestion and cutting red tape for small business – have been ignored."

He added: "On December 12, you have a choice. A vote for Corbyn or the Lib Dems is a vote for another hung Parliament, plagued by the same infighting, confusion and indecision - ready to waste the next three months just like its wasted the last three years.

“Or, you can vote for a Conservative majority government that’s going to get Brexit done, pass the great new deal that the Prime Minister has already negotiated with the EU and get on with working on the issues that will create a stronger, better future for Bromsgrove – and for Britain.

Speaking about his plan for Bromsgrove, Sajid said: “I want to continue transforming Bromsgrove into a district of opportunity.

“That’s why I’m cultivating a strong local economy by backing small businesses and the residents behind them. It’s why I’m making sure that every one of my constituents has the chance to find a job they love by attracting new employers to our area, and by organising Bromsgrove’s biggest Jobs Fair.

“It’s why I’m investing into our local public services by putting hundreds more police officers on our streets, giving the NHS the biggest cash boost in its history and levelling up funding for schools in Worcestershire by £17.7m next year alone.

“And it’s why I want to connect every corner of our constituency by kicking off an infrastructure revolution.

"That means rolling out gigabit broadband in our rural areas, tackling traffic congestion and prioritising rail and road improvements - including the A38.”