A COUNCILLOR has urged Bromsgrove Council to take some pride in the town.

Councillor Rob Hunter, member for Norton Ward, has submitted a motion to next week's full council meeting demanding the council make more funds available for maintaining bus shelters.

Not all bus shelters are owned by the district council, with some coming under parish council control.

Cllr Hunter said said that many of the shelters along key transport corridors are district owned and have fallen into a poor state of repair.

Cllr Hunter, who previously revealed that only £2,000 is set aside each year for the maintenance of over 40 bus shelters, said residents are complaining they are making the town look neglected.

“I know our environmental teams are working really hard to maintain our infrastructure with the limited resources they have and I was delighted when they recently responded to residents’ requests to clean up a shelter in Lickey End,” he said.

“Unfortunately the Conservatives have underfunded our public transport infrastructure for far too long and now residents are paying the price with bus users made to feel like second class citizens.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

"As a regular bus user myself I understand their frustrations and agree that Bromsgrove deserves better."

In some cases shelters have fallen into disrepair because they are no longer used but Cllr Hunter insists these shouldn’t just be left to deteriorate.

“If they’re no longer in use then lets get them removed so they don’t become an eyesore," he said.

"This is about taking pride in our town and it’s just not good enough.

"Bus users regularly pass the border into other local authorities with better facilities and want to know why we get let behind in Bromsgrove.

"We should be able to have smart, modern shelters with real time information just like everybody else."

The council meeting is on Wednesday, November 20.