A WYTHALL school has been spared a partial winter closure thanks to emergency Government funding.

Woodrush High School's heating system had recently failed, leading headteacher Natasha Rancins to warn parents via a letter earlier this week that a 'partial school closure' could be necessary.

Parents were so concerned that they contacted Conservative Sajid Javid  and one even went as far as to set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the funds needed.

As a result Mr Javid, who is re-standing for election as Bromsgrove MP, telephoned the Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson and the emergency funds were released.

A temporary boiler system is now set to be installed - although a long-term solution is still being sought.

A Woodrush High School statement said: "Following the recent heating system failure to a significant proportion of the school we have been working closely with the DfE (Department for Education) to address this.

"As part of our process in managing this situation we applied to the DfE for emergency funding.

"We are pleased that we have now had approval of our short term solution; installation of a temporary boiler system whilst the long-term solution is being reviewed.

"We are working on the implementation of the first phase as quickly as possible.

"Aheating systell our parents/carers have been updated throughout this process.

"Our aim will always be to keep our young people in lessons and we are doing everything we can to ensure there is no disruption to their education.

"We are grateful to all the parents/carers, young people and staff who have been extremely understanding and supportive throughout this process."

Ms Rancins' letter to parents earlier this week conceded that a 2017 review found the boiler and heating systems were 'aged and in need of replacement'.

It added: "We have carried out all the necessary steps in order to avoid heating system failure which would result in disruption to operation and consequently have a negative impact on teaching and learning.

"Whilst secondary schools are having to make further cuts year on year in order to continue operations, school revenue funding was never intended to cover the cost of condition or large capital work such as heating system replacement/upgrades."

She added that the school had twice applied for specialised funding from the DfE - but had twice been rejected.

As a result, Woodrush purchased oil-filled heaters to ease the problem but they have now been replaced by the temporary boiler.

Mr Javid had earlier pledged his support to the school's cause.

He wrote to a worried parent: "Woodrush is an excellent local school - both in terms of the education they deliver for their students as well as the way they've proactively managed their facilities and utilise them in service of our local community.

"Earlier this year I met with Woodrush to discuss the need to replace their ageing boiler and heating system.

"I immediately agreed to back their case and raised the issue with my colleagues in Government as well as officials at the Department of Education.

"Together we made good progress towards the long-term solution. Unfortunately, during this process, the heating system failed.

"I will continue to work closely with both the school and the Secretary of State (for Education)."