THE ongoing lack of public toilets in Bromsgrove's Old Cemetery is a 'shameful reflection' on the town's council, insists an angry resident.

It has been six years since the toilet blocks in the Church Road cemetery were closed - after a U-turn over £25,000 plans to build new facilities.

Instead, the money was spent on improving the toilets in nearby Sanders Park, which are the closest public conveniences to the cemetery.

Resident Frank Picken insists the issue must be addressed, particularly given the needs of elderly visitors.

He said: "I have been urged by many of my elderly relatives and friends to write regarding the singular lack of toilet facilities in the Bromsgrove District Council owned cemetery.

"Many of these people who visit and tend the graves of deceased love ones have continence problems and some are compelled to squat down in the bushes if the need arises.

"This situation is a shameful refection of the council’s lack of care and consideration in this matter.

"Several complaints have been made regarding the above situation and on one occasion a complainant was told that the toilets were discontinued because of the cost of maintaining the facility.

"It was also pointed out by the council that toilets were available in Asda and Sanders Park both of which are some walking distance away.

"If I were a BDC member, I would be hanging my head in shame."

When contacted, the council said it had nothing to add to its initial response that public toilets were available nearby in Sanders Park and the town centre.