YOUNGSTERS from Bromsgrove recently visited residents in Heathbrook House BUPA Care Home, in a bid to break down barriers between young and old.

Donna Marston who runs Pyjama Drama, imaginative play classes for children, said the unlikely pairing results in huge benefits for children and residents alike.

“Instead of having a drama sessions in a local village hall, we invite the children to Heathbrook House,” said Donna.

“It’s wonderful to see the residents' eyes light up as the children arrive, and how happy it makes everyone, young and old, to sing, play and pretend together."

She added: “Research has shown that playing with another person releases ‘bonding chemicals’, which produce states of love, trust and well-being in the brain.

"Why should you stop playing just because you get older?”

Care home general manager, Simon Brown, said: “It’s great to see the generations come together like this and it’s had such a positive impact on everyone involved. Great friendships have been formed and they each look forward to the next time they see one another.”