THE Conservative Party consolidated their hold over north Worcestershire with big wins across the region.

In Wyre Forest Mark Garnier bagged a majority of more than 21,000 to sweep aside his nearest rival, Labour's Robin Lunn.

Mr Garnier said: "“I think there are two reasons behind it,” he said. “Jeremy Corbyn has taken the Labour Party to the very far left, and from talking to the electorate in Wyre Forest, people are genuinely scared of his politics. They don't believe what he was promising.

"Secondly, Brexit will have played a massive part. Labour was too ambiguous with their policy."

Mr Lunn said his party’s vision of Britain had not been accepted in Wyre Forest of Britain, he added: “Mr Lunn added: "We need to learn from this as a party and return to fight another day."

In Bromsgrove, Chancellor Sajid Javid was also victorious by a substantial majority.

He gained 34,408 votes to beat Labour’s Rory Shannon who got 11,302 and Dr David Nicholl from the Liberal Democrats who got 6,779.

Mr Javid said: “"It's my fourth election victory here and that's only because of the faith they put in me time and time again.

"I will continue to work for them and do everything that I can to represent them."

In Redditch Rachel Maclean made it a Conservative hat-trick of big wins with a total of 27,907 votes, 9,000 more than she achieved in the 2017 election.

She polled more than 16,000 more than her closest rival, Labour’s Rebecca Jenkins.

Mrs Maclean told her supporters she was proud to have fought a fair and positive campaign and pledged to work hard for the people of Redditch.

Her closest rival, Labour’s Rebecca Jenkins vowed to return and win next time.