BROMSGROVE was buzzing on social media on New Year's Day - after the town played a key part in the latest episode of iconic television series Doctor Who.

In the episode, entitled Spyfall, Sir Lenny Henry plays technology magnate Daniel Barton, who is said to "have grown up on a council estate in Bromsgrove".

While the character - who now owns a private airport and a fleet of aeroplanes - appears to be a working-class-boy-done-good, he has villainous overtones.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

And when scanned by associates of the Doctor - played by Jodie Whittaker (above), the first woman to portray the famous role - Barton is found to be only 93% human.

Cue a few social media knocks, albeit fairly witty ones, of our town...

"A person from Bromsgrove registering as 93% human is like way high," wrote Barry Shapiro.

"Well, the Master (the show's arch villain) WOULD have links to someone from Bromsgrove," added Tara.

"A shout out on #Doctorwho. Most interesting thing to happen to #Bromsgrove?" questioned Daniel Cutler.

While former Redditch MP and home secretary Jacqui Smith wrote, tongue in cheek hopefully: "A baddie born in Bromsgrove. We always suspected as much in Redditch! #doctorwho."

But some of Bromsgrove glitterati felt the exposure was a positive thing.

BBC news presenter Joanne Malin, who lives in the town, tweeted: "Bromsgrove really on the map now thanks to Dr Who & Lenny Henry."

Indeed, the majority of Bromsgrove folk were delighted to see the town's name up in lights so to speak.

"My hometown of Bromsgrove got a mention, which was nice!" said Twitter user Katherine Macdonald. "We usually just say "I'm from outside of Birmingham" because we expect no one will know it."

"Not ashamed to say that for a brief moment this evening, I was actually a lil bit excited about living in Bromsgrove. Thank you #doctorwho for one of the most exciting episodes ever," wrote Kerry.

"The joy I felt at hearing that Bromsgrove exists in the #DoctorWho universe was marvellous," added Rachel May Meaden.

"Tonight's Doctor Who didn't disappoint. Good action, bit of mystery, couple of little scares and so far some impressive aliens. Really enjoyed it. Have a strange feeling of pride that the Lenny Henry character comes from same town and had the same upbringing as me," said Simon Myring.

"Serious amount of Bromsgrove content in this year's #DoctorWho - has @sajidjavid had a word with the writers?" queried Andrew Marsh.

Residents of Sir Lenny's real hometown, nearby Dudley, however felt they had been somewhat shunned...

"I liked it - but @LennyHenry is ours - wonder why they went Bromsgrove, not Dudley though #shame," wrote Tour Guide Ted.

"@LennyHenry they wrote you coming from Bromsgrove! How very dare they! Yowm from Dudley. They dow know what they've done, Bloody saft ay they," added another Black Country Twitter scribe.

"Always fun seeing a Dudley bloke trying to do a Bromsgrove accent," laughed Dai Lowe.

And while the episode - the first of the 12th series of the sci-fi staple - featured the first mention of Bromsgrove in Doctor Who, the town has similarly featured in another classic show.

"Not quite sure what it is about #Bromsgrove and sci-fi/fantasy series, but Charlotte Lewis from #Lost also grew up there!" Denise Anne Jackson reminded us.