A CLENT vets has kicked off the new year with a campaign to encourage local dog owners to register their pet as a blood donor.

Clent Hills Pets wants to make people aware that dogs can need blood for a variety of reasons including during some surgical procedures and complicated forms of medical treatment.

Just like with humans, there must be a sufficient period of time between donations, which is why it is important for Clent Hills to compile a list of multiple canine donors.

In emergency situations, especially when time is critical, having a list of local dogs who may be able to donate could literally save another dog’s life.

Dog blood donors must meet certain criteria, which includes being fit and healthy; aged between 1 and 8 years; and weighing more than 25kg.

They must have a good temperament, be relaxed in a veterinary environment, be up to date with vaccinations and have never travelled abroad.

Sarah Male, deputy head nurse at Clent Hills’ Hagley practice, said: “People don’t always realise that animals can need a blood transfusion just like humans.

"Clent Hills Vets is committed to raising awareness of the importance of dogs donating blood to support sick and injured pets.

"The health and wellbeing of the donor dog is as important to our team as the dog who requires the blood, which is why only those dogs who meet the criteria can be considered.”

To find out if your dog could become a blood donor, complete the online registration form at www.clenthillsvets.co.uk/dog-blood-donors/

A Clent Hills veterinary nurse will then contact you to assess if your pet is suitable.

If your dog is placed on the register you may be asked to take them to any of Clent Hills’ three veterinary practices in Bromsgrove, Hagley or Rubery, as needed.

A blood test will be performed and all being well, blood donated.