A YOUNG boy with cancer is fighting back against the disease as he shaves his own hair.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee who has been battling against acute lymphoblastic leukaemia for over a year is currently in Singapore receiving a new form of therapy, CAR-T.

The five-year-old from Worcester is receiving treatment which involves taking T-cells from his blood which are then changed in a laboratory, in the hope they will attack his cancer cells.

It’s now the second time Oscar has lost his “beautiful locks” only weeks after regaining all his hair back.

Along with a video of the young boy shaving his own hair, a post from parents Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee said: “This time though, as if it is normal, his ‘normal’. Here he is shaving off the load that was causing too much discomfort.

“With not a care in the world. Five years old trying his best to be in control. Just WOW! I am in absolute awe of him.”

The Facebook post said: “This is a result of the toxic substances we put into our children, not the cancer itself. The only treatments available are ones that deplete their health before it can even begin to improve.

“The moment his hair started to fall out was when it all became real. It was visible, he didn’t look like a ‘normal’ four-year-old he looked like ‘the boy with cancer’. I just couldn’t bare it.”

According to a story published by Channel News Asia, Oscar was relapsing and out of 100 cells in his bone marrow, seven of them were cancerous.

Associate Professor Allen Yeoh, head of paediatric oncology at the National University Hospital - where Oscar is receiving his treatment, said: “When he had one cancer cell in 10,000 you knew it was starting to relapse.

“You predict he would not respond to other treatment.

“It’s very fast. These cells are even worse because they have seen all the chemotherapy, have evaded the bone marrow transplant cells in general, so these to me are seasoned terrorists that would be ready to destroy and kill him.”