AN unusual light-show lit up the skies over Bromsgrove last night - with some claiming the cause was extra terrestrial.

Hundreds of residents took to social media yesterday evening saying they had seen an explosion and the sky turned light blue.

Many others said the power went off in their homes, and one person even said they heard a 'loud growling' sound.

Jayne Elizabeth Violet Roberts said: "My lights flickered then the tv turned off what the heck!"

Sharon Edwards said: "Thought I was going mad, lit up the sky like daylight for a few seconds!"

Dee Betteridge Walker said: "I saw a blue light out the corner or my eye when watching TV then lost service from aerial. Thought I was going mad lol"

Geo Maisie McCondichie said: "Walking in Sanders about an hour ago when there was a massive blue light and a loud metallic sound; immediately thought aliens had landed."

Sarah Tombs said: "I saw it about 7pm blue/green light in the sky, street light flickered off then on n a house alarm all went at the same time in Stoke Prior, thought I was imagining things!"

Rebecca Walshe said: "There's noises coming from the field in Catshill behind Cobnall Road. The aliens must have landed there."

Not everyone was taking seriously though.

The Ladybird Inn said: "It’s okay everyone. Aston fields had just imploded because we are closed tonight. Open again tomorrow at 12pm stay calm and stay safe."

The real reason for the unusual incident has been put down to a fault on the high voltage apparatus at the substation in Upton Warren.

Commenting online, Western Power Distribution confirmed there was a power cut in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas, but said all supplies had been restored.

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