A VICAR from Bromsgrove is to hold a series of lectures about whether the world is coming to an end.

Rev. Clifford Beasley, of Bromsgrove New Life Church, says it is a question he has been asked more and more often recently.

Whether it's the Coronavirus or Brexit, Rev. Beasley says recent calamitous events around the world have caused concern among his flock.

And what better place to put the world to rights than down at your local?

That's right, the clergyman is swapping his pulpit for a bar stool from 11am on the second Sunday of every month.

He will be holding his lectures at The Ladybird Inn in Finstall Road, Aston Fields, starting on February 9.

"The series will cover the entire ‘End Times’ events foretold in Biblical prophecy, including the apocalypse," pledged Rev. Beasley.

"The series will take the form of lectures, not a religious service. Admission and parking is free. Beer, drinks and refreshments can be purchased from 12 noon."

At least we can get a bit merry if the world is ending then...