School uniform costs could be set to tumble if a new law is successful.

Labour MP for Weaver Vale, Mike Amesbury is set to present his private members bill on school uniform costs this week.

It would require schools to only ask parents to purchase basic items, like trousers and shirts, rather than costly branded clothing for children.

Research says parents spend an average of £134 on school uniforms and shoes alone (up 6% from £127 in 2017).

The Shadow Minster for Employment, Mr Amesbury, was given the chance to put forward a bill of his choice without government consent when he came first in the private members’ bill ballot last month.

The private members' bills will have their first reading in the Commons on February 5 before being debated over the next few weeks when the House is sitting.

Currently, there is no legislation in place relating to school uniform in England.

Schools are not required to have a uniform policy at all, although the Department for Education strongly recommends that they do so.

School governing bodies decide what a school’s uniform policy should be.