HAGLEY Catholic High was one of the best performing schools in the county for GCSE results in 2019 – but North Bromsgrove High was among the worst in Worcestershire for both GCSEs and A-levels.

At Hagley, 71% of GCSE students achieved Grade 5 (equivalent to the old C grade) or higher in English and maths – the highest percentage in the whole of Worcestershire.

Hagley was also second in the county for Attainment 8 score, a measure of overall results, and third for Progress 8, which measures the progress pupils have made between Key Stages 2 (Year 6) and 4 (Year 11).

‘Attainment 8’ is a score based on how well pupils have performed in up to eight GCSE qualifications that include English, maths and several other core subjects.

‘Progress 8’ is a type of value-added score measuring how much students have progressed during those five years compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage 2.

The Advertiser has compiled a table below of the key performance indicators, with above average scores in green, average in black and below average in red.


Bromsgrove Advertiser:

Haybridge High in Hagley also performs well while both South Bromsgrove High and Woodrush High in Wythall are either above or around the national average in all categories.

Waseley Hills High in Rubery and North Bromsgrove High School, however, are below the national and county average with the latter only achieving 34% of pupils with Grade 5 or better in English and maths.

Bromsgrove School is not included in the above table because GCSE results for independent schools are not recorded – but it comes top of the local A-level rankings and among the county’s top ten.


Bromsgrove Advertiser:

The progress score identifies how much progress A-level students have made between the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 11) and the end of their A-level studies, compared to similar pupils across England.

Bromsgrove School recorded an above average 0.13 progress score, placing it seventh in the county, plus an average grade (B) and point score (41.59) significantly better than the national mean.

South Bromsgrove’s average point score (32.50) was only slightly lower than the national average of 32.87 but North Bromsgrove’s total of 26.20 was way down.

Additionally, North Bromsgrove failed to produce a single student achieving AAB (2A’s and a B) grades or higher, while 13.7% - around two in 15 – of South Bromsgrove pupils claimed such grades.

Haybridge High and Hagley Catholic High both hovered around or above the national averages in most categories but Waseley Hills and Woodrush High both struggled.