A COUNCILLOR wants to put a stop to "madcap" motorists driving on a footpath in Rubery High Street.

Worcestershire County Councillor Peter Mcdonald has asked for bollards to be installed on pavement that connects the service road in Rubery High Street to Callowbridge Road.

He says that "reckless" drivers cut through the footpath, "regardless of the danger to pedestrians going about their daily shopping."

He fears that if action is not taken, it could result in a serious accident.

Councillor Mcdonald said: "It is remarkable that any motorist would be so reckless as to put local shoppers at risk.

"Shoppers walking into the High Street from Callowbridge Road would not expect to be confronted head on with a car.

"These mad cap drivers should have their licences taken off them before they kill anybody.

"I have asked for bollards to be installed before there is a serious accident.”