A TATTOO studio in Bromsgrove is trying to restore a little faith in the community following the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to hysteria and panic buying seen in many places The Maxx Tattoo Studio is putting together what it calls 'COVID packs' for the elderly.

The studio has said that the packs, which include toilet roll, rice, pasta, and fruit, are for the elderly and vulnerable and if anyone cannot collect a pack themselves then the store will try to drop one off.

Kind-hearted staff from the tattoo shop have already made several drop-offs.

Commenting online they said: "Here at the Maxx Tattoo Studio we are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our friends and customers... we have managed to hand deliver so many food parcels to the elderly and vulnerable in the local surrounding areas.

"We're trying to restore a little faith back into the community with all of the madness around us. Let's help look out for each other. Stay safe everyone."

They added they will not be handing these out to the young, so please do not send young relatives to collect.

For more information or to arrange a drop off call 07971585024 or 01527 873163 (Bromsgrove area only).