Here are the latest numbers at the beginning of day 55 of coronavirus being officially present in the UK:

– 8,077 people have been confirmed as testing positive for the virus, as of 9am on March 24. This is up 1,427 on the equivalent figure 24 hours earlier, and is the biggest day-on-day increase in the volume of cases since the outbreak began. It also a day-on-day rise of 21%.

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– 90,436 people in the UK have now been tested for coronavirus, of whom 8.9% have been found positive.

– 422 coronavirus-related deaths had been recorded in the UK as of 9am on March 24. This was a jump of 87 on the equivalent figure 24 hours earlier, and is the largest day-on-day increase in the number of deaths since the outbreak began.

It is also a rise of 26%, which is not the biggest percentage day-on-day increase so far but is higher than the 19% increase seen in the previous 24 hours.

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– The UK’s first coronavirus-related death was recorded on March 5. It took another 13 days for the number of deaths to pass 100 (on March 18), then three more days to pass 200 (on March 21). It has taken a further three days for the total to pass 400.

– Just over a third (37%) of UK deaths have been recorded by NHS Trusts based in London. A further 14% have been in south-east England, 11% in the West Midlands and another 11% in north-west England.

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– The highest volume of reported cases in England has been in Hampshire (207), followed by Lambeth (188), Birmingham (187) and Southwark (181). In Scotland, Greater Glasgow & Clyde has the highest volume of cases (183), followed by Lanarkshire (75) and Lothian (70).

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– In Wales, the highest volume of cases has been recorded in the area covered by the Aneurin Bevan health board (248), followed by Cardiff & Vale (96) and Swansea Bay (49). Northern Ireland does not currently publish figures broken down by local area.