MADAM - I was dismayed to read about the closure of the Artrix which has been a jewel in Bromsgrove, and such a positive influence on the arts in every form since it was opened in 2005.

Bromsgrove's Artrix Theatre Forced to Shut for Good

I particularly enjoyed the exhibitions of local artists' work hung on the walls every month. I supported the LGBT History Month events celebrated there every February, and I am a member of WORDS the literary group which met at Artrix regularly.

I will miss Bromsgrove Concerts programme - performances with world renowned instrumentalists and local players. Artrix gave amazing opportunities to new groups and students.

There were arts classes and community choirs. I saw Shakespeare's plays streamed live from the National Theatre and many excellent films and tribute bands.

How sad to lose all this!

Artrix offered versatile entertainment, and education groups, easy to get to without having to travel to other towns or cities, though it drew people into Bromsgrove from much further afield - Solihull, Birmingham, Worcester.

Audiences came regularly from all the smaller hamlets in the Bromsgrove District.

And all this with friendly helpful staff and a team of tireless volunteers.

Where will groups gather for recreation and culture now? The number of suitable concert and sports halls has reduced drastically. The old college on Burcot Lane had the Spadesbourne hall where concerts took place before the Artrix was campaigned for by local residents and the Dolphin Centre Sports hall was demolished recently where sports groups regularly met.

Please where are we to go, and what are we to do in our spare time now?

Margaret Evans

Finstall Road