A SENIOR police officer has praised Bromsgrove residents for abiding by the social distancing restrictions put in place during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While there have been reports across the country, and indeed the Midlands, of some people flouting or disregarding the limitations, Inspector Lee Page says that has not been the case in Bromsgrove.

Inspector Page, who presides over the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Bromsgrove and Redditch, told the Advertiser he had been impressed with how sensibly the majority of people had behaved locally.

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"We've been really pleased," he said, "because the vast majority of people are doing the right thing."

"The government directive is clear in terms of advice - people must stay indoors unless they have a bona fide reason for leaving their house.

"We don't want to take any enforcement action against people - it's absolutely a last resort and thankfully it hasn't happened although there is always a minority who bend the rules.

"Thankfully that is a very small minority and first and foremost when we encounter people we are trying to explain why they should not be out without a valid reason."

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With temperatures set to soar over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Insp. Page also moved to reiterate government advice to enjoy the sunshine in their gardens rather than going out.

He added: "Going into the Easter weekend, there's always a temptation for people to go out but, please, stay at home."