A NUMBER of asylum seekers are set to be housed within the Bromsgrove district in the coming weeks.

Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire County Council confirmed the decision which was made under emergency Government measures amid the coronavirus crisis.

The council says they have been assured by the Government there will be limited or no impact on local services.

In a joint statement, the two councils said: “We have been advised by the Home Office that there has been a significant impact on the national asylum system due to Covid-19, particularly in ensuring sufficient accommodation.

"We have been made aware that the Home Office’s asylum accommodation providers have identified a location in the Bromsgrove district where a number of Asylum Seekers can be accommodated at this time.

“We were informed of the decision, which was taken directly by the providers under emergency Government measures during the coronavirus outbreak, and have been assured that there will be limited/no impact on local services.

"However the District, County Council and other partners are working together where necessary to meet the needs of these people who are often vulnerable and lack any family support systems in the UK.

"We expect a number of asylum seekers to start to be placed at a location in the Bromsgrove district over the coming weeks.”

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “Like the rest of the country, asylum seekers are being asked to stay in their accommodation to help in the fight against coronavirus, which has increased the amount of accommodation needed.

"Accommodation providers, in consultation with local authorities, are responsible for identifying suitable temporary accommodation that can be used for this purpose.”