A KINDLY high school student from Bromsgrove has created a group that has sent more than 10,000 handmade hearts to those isolated due to coronavirus.

Anna-Kate Morris, 17, a student from South Bromsgrove High School, has been distributing handmade hearts to hospitals, funeral homes and care homes across Worcestershire .

She set up the group on Facebook, taking influences from other sewing projects during the outbreak, and has inspired hundreds of people across Worcestershire to knit, crochet and sew hearts for those in need.

“I missed my grandad Harry and can’t see him and thought of everyone else who is in the same position. By giving us both a heart I felt I had a little bit of him with me,” she said.

The student will be studying paramedic science at the University of Worcester from September and her group has spread joy across Worcestershire during this difficult time.

The handmade hearts are being sent to patients separated from family in care homes, maternity wards and general wards, as well as gifted to hospital staff as a thank you.

She explained: “Sometimes they aren’t being sent in pairs but just given to patients to bring some joy. We’ve received pictures of people with them and messages saying how grateful they are for them.”

One lady, who wished only to be named as Dawn, received hearts the night before the funeral of her father, who died from cancer.

Dawn was donating fabric for the ‘for the love of scrubs’ sewing project when the coordinator gifted her the hearts.

“Sadly, when dad passed away we were extremely restricted in the funeral we could have for him," Dawn said.

"The night before his funeral, the coordinator was collecting fabric and bought us a bag of hearts for us and dad's grandchildren. My sister sent her heart with my dad.

"It was lovely to feel that someone who has never met us cared enough to do this, to spread kindness and love to anyone struggling at the moment.”

Lynn Hubbard, 49, has made more than 400 hearts for the project, and said: "It’s been good to focus on something positive and know these hearts have bought comfort to those who have received them.”

Cathy Greaves, 45, a community nurse at Princess Of Wales Community Hospital, thanked Anna-Kate after the hospital received more than 100 handmade hearts.

She said: “Our hearts are going to patients and relatives who are parted due to visiting restrictions, as well as being given to each nurse as part of a staff wellbeing gift.

"The nurses have also used them for their own family who they are parted from.

"Everyone has loved the hearts and thought it’s a lovely idea to give one to someone who is isolated to show them that someone is thinking of them.”

To get involved with the project, search ‘Worcestershire Hearts of Joy' online.