FLY-TIPPERS at a controversial Bromsgrove eyesore site are getting away with it because the council is turning a 'blind eye', claims a fed-up councillor.

Councillor Peter McDonald says lorries are illegally dumping rubbish at the 52-acre Marlbrook Tip site on the edge of the Lickey Hills.

The site has long been a bone of contention among local residents, who have criticised a lack of council supervision of the tip in the past.

The landowner was allowed to lay 500,000 cubic metres of soil for a golf course in 2005 - but a council survey six years later found around three times that amount of soil on the former tip.

“Over a number of years, thousands of tonnes over the permitted amount were dumped at Marlbrook Tip," said Cllr McDonald, the Bromsgrove Labour group leader.

"It caused not only a change to the landscape but a threat to the land, water and air pollution in the neighbourhood.

"Nobody knows what was really dumped there in the first place, whether there were chemicals and non-biodegradable materials in the waste that affect the physical environment and the waterways by contaminating groundwater and soil.

"However, no action was taken by the District Council, only meaningless words which are of no comfort to anyone.

"Furthermore, the council gave the assurance that this would never happen again; yet once again lorries are dumping at the site and the council is turning a blind eye.”

On its website, the council says the land, owned by Link Property Development Limited, is 'not deemed to be in an acceptable state' and 'requires action'.

A number of public meetings on the issue were held several years ago and the council's latest update on the issue on its website is from December 2018, almost 18 months ago.

At that time, it confirmed it was opening a planning enforcement investigation into the importation of material onto the site without planning consent.

It added that such investigations 'are carried out in confidentiality' meaning the council is unable to update residents on formal action it intends to take, until such action has been taken.

When contacted about Cllr McDonald's recent claims, a council spokesperson said: “The Council cannot comment further as this could jeopardise any future actions we take.

“We do however have a section of the Council's website dedicated to Marlbrook Tip which provides information for residents.

“As always we urge residents to report fly-tipping online at"

The Advertiser was unable to reach Link Property for comment.