CARBON neutral vehicles should be employed by Bromsgrove District Council in the future, says a local councillor – who believes the area needs to ‘do our bit’ on the issue of climate change.

Cllr Harrison Rone-Clarke, the environmental spokesperson for the Bromsgrove Labour Group, claims the council’s current fleet of vehicles is in need of imminent replacement.

And he says he has written to the council’s chief executive, Kevin Dicks, to ask whether there are plans afoot to use methods of transportation that are more environmentally friendly.

“I understand that the council will wish to replace its current fleet of vehicles in the near future,” said Cllr Rone-Clarke, who represents the Rock Hill ward.

“We are therefore calling upon them to commit to purchasing a fleet of carbon neutral vehicles.

“We, as a local authority, can’t solve climate change but we have a responsibility to do our bit to tackle this existential threat head on.

“I would point any council officials or members of the public towards Bromsgrove Labour’s plan for a carbon neutral district, titled: A Green New Deal for Bromsgrove, this can be found on our website.”

Council leader Karen May said Cllr Rone-Clarke’s request was being actively considered.

She added: “As Cllr Rone-Clarke will know, from being a part of the Council’s cross-party Climate Change Group, the Energy Savings Trust is looking at our fleet and will provide us with a high-level report.

“We will then use this to commission some further work that will look at the best fuel types for the various tasks that we do and vehicles that we use.

“The Council has declared a climate emergency and therefore we will be selecting sustainable options over traditional from now on.”