A THEATRE producer hoping to help a new Artrix rise from the ashes believes he could have the venue up and running by September if given council backing.

Daniel Prosser, who runs Daniel Alexander Productions, has created a Community Interest Company (CIC) that would act as a non-profit organisation.

The 28-year-old, from Cannock, has approached Bromsgrove District Council with his proposals for the Artrix, which went bankrupt in April as the coronavirus lockdown compounded its financial woes.

The Advertiser reported last week the council has purchased the Artrix’s assets from the insolvency practitioner for future operators to use, meaning many things are already in place for a quick return.

Mr Prosser, a trained actor with more than a decade of experience in theatre, said: “It could be open as soon as the current climate allows. I think theatres will open in September.

“I’ve reached out to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and they are taking steps already, looking at how people can be near each other as long as they are social distancing.

“I’ve gone to the council with a lifeline really, something that, in the current climate, is very hard to come across – I’m saying ‘let me take this on, let me run this for you’.

“There are really only a handful of theatre operators in the UK and no large operators would be looking at a venue like the Artrix, that has gone bankrupt, with things the way they are.”

Despite the Artrix’s financial struggles of past years, Mr Prosser has pinpointed various strategies he believes would make a phoenix theatre successful without the need for taxpayer’s money or grants.

He added: “I wouldn’t risk my business on something that wasn’t commercially viable – looking at the accounts, if money is spent wisely, it would do well, without any external funding.

“There’s no reason a theatre that turns over £1million a year should be in that situation.

“Commercially, it could be very successful. We would look at how to better utilise the main auditorium, which should be in use every day.

“We should be building on the success that the Artrix has had with certain types of shows, the kind of things that Bromsgrove people have been responding to.”

But Mr Prosser, whose proposal has the backing of the Theatre Trust, insists his plans would not neglect the fabric of local theatre.

He added: “We would work with local partners, such as am-dram groups, schools and colleges. We want to inspire people because they are the future of the industry.

“So while we would want to use the ‘main house’ for commercial activities, we would use the studio to support local arts.”

Sidemoor councillor Sue Douglas says the offer is one the council should seriously consider, adding: “It appears to be a credible offer and would give the Artrix an immediate lifeline to become active again.”