A FORMER Bromsgrove cabbie has turned his experiences of life on the road into a debut novel.

Robert E Willock's novel Turning Corners is out now and is the 73-year-old's first attempt at writing a novel during his retirement, following a varied career as a printer, licensee, chauffeur, security officer and taxi driver.

The novel tells the tale of taxi driver Robbie Knottcut, who becomes embroiled in danger and deceit, suffering financial problems and then becomes richer than he could have ever dreamed.

Robert said: “I decided in my retirement to write a novel and it’s been fantastic to see the reaction to my book. As a driver, I was often waiting for customers and reading lots of books that I didn’t enjoy. I wanted to create something new by combining humour, a thriller and some of the real-life scenarios that I witnessed during my time as a cabbie.

"Turning Corners offers something different, it’s been fun to bring these experiences and characters to life.”

The book took two years to write but Robert had been itching to write for seven years before, after he was inspired to write something he would want to read himself.

He added: "To feel the book in my hand was fantastic and to see the reaction of friends and family. I've been completely bowled over by it."

Robert also has nothing but praise for his wife Mary who supported him throughout the writing process.

He added: "She's been a great help, she's an honest sort of person so she would give it a read through and tell me straight away if it needed changing!"

Turning Corners is available to buy at www.robertewillock.com and will be available to buy on Amazon in print and on Kindle in the coming weeks.