Sainsbury's shoppers who use a Nectar card have been warned about changes relating to logging in to their online accounts.

The move, which started on August 31, was made to help make accounts more “safe and secure", and now require Nectar Card holders to use different details to access their account.

However, not all shoppers will see the changes straight away, as Nectar have staggered the switchover times for members.

What changes have been made?

Customers will no longer need their account number to access the points total via the app or online.

As an alternative, Sainsbury’s will allow shoppers to use an email address as their main login username.

What have Nectar said about the changes?

A spokesperson for Nectar said: "We know Nectar card numbers are impossible to remember.

"So soon, you won't have to dig out your card every time you need to log in.

"In the coming weeks we'll start moving Nectar members to our new My ID login service.

"These changes will be staggered so don't worry if you don’t see this new login for a while.

"When the change is complete, you'll be able to log in to our website and app using your email instead of card number.

"You will also be able to login using the same My ID details on both Nectar and Sainsbury's Groceries, so you don't have to remember more than one password.

"In future we will roll out more changes to making managing accounts easier, including only needing to update account details in one place.

"Don't worry nothing else about your account changes.

"Your communication preferences stay the same for each account, and your data remains safe and secure.

"There are no changes in how you use Nectar with our other partners.

"If you would rather not have a shared login with our My ID service (for example if you set up an account for a relative) then please make sure you update one of your accounts to use a different email address by August 31."

What can Nectar customers do if they face a problem with their account?

Go online to the Nectar website for more information: