AN employee from Bromsgrove School has received a long service award for 50 years of dedicated service.

Steve Taylor was 16 when he first started working at Bromsgrove on August 1, 1970, as the caretaker’s assistant and was appointed by Capt. P Cavell, the bursar that the time.

He has served under five bursars, Capt Cavell, Major Glissen, Colonel Spencer, John Rogers and Lesley Brookes and five headmasters, Lionel Carey, Nick Earle, Tim Taylor, Chris Edwards and Peter Clague.

In the early days, one of Steve’s jobs used to be to arrive at work early in order to lay fires in the offices so that it would be warm for the staff when they arrived for work.

He went on to work in the maintenance department as a labourer and has worked for the last six-and-a-half years with the grounds team.

Speaking about his time at Bromsgrove, Steve said: "The best thing over the last 50 years has been the people I have worked with and the friendships I have made.

"I am as happy at work now as I have ever been and really enjoy my current role."