WEST mercia police have shared advice on keeping safe this weekend to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Chief Inspector Helen Kinrade said: “In these challenging times, we can all and should all do everything we can to help reduce the rate of infection and protect each other.

"In North Worcestershire, this rate of infection is increasing and with that in mind, I would ask all our communities to please be mindful of the rules and regulations.

“My officers have had several discussions with people in the community and there have been a few elements of the rules that have consistently come up as things they weren’t aware of, so we’d like to ensure you know the following:

• Children of all ages are included in the ‘six’ people allowed in a group.

• Masks must be worn in enclosed shopping centres – not just in the individual shops.

• Staff and customers should wear face coverings in shops.

• Whether an event is formal or informal – the guidelines around number of attendees must still be followed.

“I am sharing this information with you today as we head into the weekend as a reminder that it’s vital we all play out part and protect ourselves, our families and those around us by following the rules.

"Covid-19 is still a very real threat to every single one of us and I would like to thank the majority of you that are following the rules.

"However, if you refuse to follow the law, we can, and we will, take the appropriate action.

“Stay safe, stay aware, look after each other and remember – hands, face, space”.