THE GOVERNMENT is yet to issue any blanket advice on Trick or Treating this year, but it is safe to say Halloween will be very different.

There will be no kids parties or gatherings of more than six outside of households.

Families can expect to spend October 31 indoors while carving pumpkins and apple bobbing.

However, many mums and dads have been left wondering whether their little ones are allowed to go Trick or Treating.

Those in the Medium Tier must stick to the rule of six, inside and outside.

This means small groups of six children and adults will technically be allowed to Trick or Treat in these areas.

For areas in ‘High risk’ Tiers, households are banned from meeting indoors, while the rule of six still applies outdoors.

This means that - technically - as long as small groups of children do not go inside one another’s houses, they would be allowed to go Trick or Treating around their neighbourhoods.

In those towns and cities with a ‘Very High risk’, households are not allowed to mix at all, which means children would not be allowed to go Trick or Treating with their friends at all.

There are fun alternatives to trick or treating, some parents have suggested a trick or treat treasure hunt.

The idea being families walk around the neighbourhood spotting pumpkins or Halloween decor and children are given a treat by parents every time they spot one.

Or if you don't fancy venturing out, others have suggested a family film night, a zoom quiz where family members and friends dress up or a night of spooky story telling.

Halloween can still be fun this year, many families have said they will still be up for decorating the house, carving pumpkins and will be leaving bowls of sweets outside for children to help themselves.

What are your Halloween plans?