BROMSGROVE residents are being asked to keep a keen eye out for the one remaining missing dog out of four that were stolen from Scotland and dumped in the district over the past few days.

Four pooches were reported missing from the Perth and Kinross area last week - with three of them subsequently found in Bromsgrove, more than 350 miles from their homes.

However, a female springer spaniel, white with a solid liver coloured head, has still not been found, more than a week after disappearing.

After the dogs were stolen, the first one, a terrier was found last Wednesday in Sanders Park and handed over to a local vets while a second dog, also a terrier, was located in Hanbury the following day.

The third dog, a Jack Russell, was found in Dodford at the weekend.

Three of the dogs, the two terriers and the still-missing spaniel were taken from kennels in Forneth, while the Jack Russell was stolen from Meikelour on the same day.

However, all four are microchipped, meaning they can be identified if found.

A 38-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with two incidents of dog theft, along with a number of other offences but has since been released.