A BROMSGROVE school that has seen cases of coronavirus approaching - and possibly into - double figures insists it has "rigorous cleaning routines in place to protect children and staff".

The Advertiser reported parents' concerns about South Bromsgrove High School in October, by which time at least six people at the school had returned positive Covid tests since term had begun.

It is understood another three cases have been reported during the past week but the school says this is to be expected given the high rate of cases in Bromsgrove and that most parents have been 'sympathetic' about the situation.

One anxious parent, however, contacted the Advertiser to say: "The guidelines are a joke, pupils are not distancing in the grounds and a lot refuse to wear masks inside the building.

"It's not good enough - the place needs closing down for a deep clean."

The Advertiser asked if a thorough clean of the school - which is Bromsgrove's largest with more than 1,300 pupils - had been considered over the half-term break but Public Health for Worcestershire said a need for such action had not been deemed necessary.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, Director of Public Health for Worcestershire, said: “We have been working closely with colleagues from Worcestershire Children First to support schools across the county during the pandemic.

"We recognise the importance of keeping pupils in school as much as possible.

"To support this, measures have been put in place to minimise close contacts and reduce the need for large bubbles to self-isolate.

"Schools are routinely inspected by the County Council’s Health and Safety team to discuss the risk assessment.

"Following the latest visit to South Bromsgrove High School before half term, no further actions were identified.”

Chris Smith, head teacher of the school, on Charford Road, added: “We have welcomed support from Public Health in Worcestershire and Worcestershire Children First and have been completely transparent with parents at every step of the way.

"We are aware transmission of Covid-19 is prevalent in the community and it is to be expected to see cases in our school.

"We have employed additional cleaners to further support the rigorous cleaning routines put in place to protect students and staff.

"Additional measures have meant that we have been able to successfully identify close contacts rather than ask whole year groups to self-isolate.

"Feedback from parents, indicates the overwhelming majority are happy with the provision for their child and are sympathetic to the situation in which we find ourselves.”