A FATHER and son are accused of attempted murder following a 'revenge' knife attack on a man who had hit a family member over the head with a rolling pin.

Connor Kendall and his father Mark Kendall of Breakback Road, Bromsgrove, deny the attempted murder of Dayle Warman following the stabbing as their trial got underway at Worcester Crown Court this week.

Connor Kendall, 22, admits wounding with intent but claims he did not intend to kill Mr Warman, only to cause him serious injury on December 1 last year. He also admits possession of the knife used in the attack.

Mark Kendall, 37, denies wounding with intent and possession of the knife used in the stabbing. He admits possession of a second knife which he took from his home address on the day of the assault.

The audio of the attack was captured on dashcam taken from Mark Kendall's transit van, used to transport Connor, who carried out the stabbing, to and from the scene of what the prosecution described as a 'ferocious' attack by a man who had 'lost self-control' after his younger brother was injured by Mr Warman.

Shouting and swearing could be heard from Connor Kendall as the footage was played to the jury at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.

Jason Aris, prosecuting, told the panel that Connor Kendall and Mr Warman had been friends until they had a falling out in October last year, about two months before Mr Warman was stabbed.

During one telephone call from an 'unknown male' Mr Warman heard the person on the other end of the line 'saying they were going to slash him up and going to slash his mother', Mr Aris said.

Mr Aris said the male, who was shouting, also said: "Do you know who we are? We're the Kendalls!"

Mr Warman left his home address in Villiers Road, Bromsgrove, carrying a rolling pin, later telling police he did so because he was 'a little bit concerned about getting in a confrontation with Connor Kendall'.

He came across three lads with their hoods up, believing one of them to be Connor Kendall, and an argument took place. However, the male he believed to be Connor was in fact his younger brother, Liam.

"Dayle Warman lost his temper. He struck out with the rolling pin and hit Liam Kendall over the head with the item" said Mr Aris.

Liam Kendall ran off in the opposite direction, up to the top of Breakback Road.

The jury was told Warman has already pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon on October 2 this year following the attack.

Mr Aris said rather than letting the police deal with the matter, Connor Kendall and his father decided 'to take the law into their own hands and to seek revenge upon Dayle Warman'.

Mr Aris said Connor Kendall left the house first seeking reprisals and armed with a knife, striking the window of a female friend of Warman's and demanding to know where he was before his father, driving a transit van, picked him up.

The prosecution say Mark Kendall was also armed with a knife. When they came across Mr Warman, Connor Kendall is described as leaving the van and stabbing him 'repeatedly'.

The court heard that Mr Warman also hit Connor Kendall with the rolling pin which had been inside his sleeve, swinging it and 'hoping for the best'. However, he had been 'stabbed a number of times' and ran into his house through the back, collapsing inside. Mr Warman was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham with four reported stab wounds to the front of the chest at the level of the seventh rib, suffering a left-side collapsed lung with blood in the chest cavity. Mr Aris said Mr Warman required a chest drain to ensure his lungs were able to reinflate.

A laceration of 1cm was also sustained to Mr Warman's left upper arm and a wound to the left of the abdomen which was initially thought to be superficial but was deeper than previously thought when examined.

Dashcam footage from Mark Kendall's transit van captured conversations between father and son before and after the attack and also audio of the attack itself. Connor Kendall can be heard saying he was planning to 'stab Dayle in the face' and 'smoke him out', describing Mr Warman using offensive language.

At one point he says to his dad: "I'm cutting his face open! I don't care bruv!"

Connor Kendall also says to his dad after the attack: "Turn that light on and I will see if I've got blood on this blade. Mate - and I have. Good. I have done more than shaft you."

The prosecutor also says Connor's father can be heard to say: "You lucky you around - I was going to stab him."

Connor Kendall says after the attack: "I'm scared for my family. I'm not scared for myself."

The prosecution case is that Mark was armed with a knife and intended to use it if the circumstances arose, getting out of the van and returning only when satisfied his son did not need further assistance. He said Mark Kendall had driven his son to find Mr Warman and 'exact retribution', arguing that the attack was a joint enterprise with his son.

Connor Kendall was said to have given a largely no comment interview to police. Mark Kendall told officers he did not participate or encourage any violence, driving his van to 'catch up with his son' and had wanted to 'prevent trouble and protect his son from any violence'.

Mr Warman also began giving evidence from behind a screen yesterday.

The trial continues.